Eco Friendly, Recycle, Rethink & Reuse

The more we come out and do good to others, the more our hearts will be purified, and God will be in them.

Swami Vivekananda

Our company was started in the year 2010.We manufacture and supply of all types of Biodegradable products and packaging products. We manufacture Paper plates, cups, sandwich boxes etc.

"We believe that we can all make a small change to protect our planet when we use degradable packaging."

Our biodegradable products are of beautiful quality, strong yet degradable.Dispose of your biodegradable products, after use, in the normal way and it will degrade in months, rather than years. It’s easy. Switch to degradable packaging.

It is now highly recommended to use those products that are labeled as organic in promotion of safer and greener environment to get rid of harmful toxins. In response to the pervasive alterations to our ecosystem, strategies, management, and projects were realized that would increase the probability of preserving the natural dynamics of ecosystem as well as the processes and services associated to healthy ecosystem would be strictly implemented and would greatly contribute to the world we envision to live in.

Our commitment in preserving the nature as the priority is on minimizing doing things that could compromise the success of saving the nature is a vital requirement as our role in protecting and maintaining the ecosystem's stability and productivity. Making our world less prone to collapse and more stable on its natural processes, more productive of goods and services important to the lives of all species, forest that provides carbon storage, shelter to wildlife and promote the quality of air that we breathe in. The reconstruction of the river's unique hydro-logical structure that would bring back the life of many native species and the services they provide, when all these are back on in there proper way everyone will come to realize that we have a beautiful world that we all deserve to live in.

Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Reliability and Trust while preserving 100% commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Our Products

The value added products stands apart and makes a difference by:
• Saving environmental-conscious customers money
• Offering biodegradability or Compostability
• Using recycled materials &/or reuse/recharge existing parts to conserve precious resources
• Are manufactured by non-toxic alternatives
• Energy and water efficiency
• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Fairly traded to deliver social responsibility

Evergreen Enterprises vision

Our Vision

EVERGREEN uses this natural, renewable and biodegradable raw material to convert it into value added, environment friendly products. The company has pioneered an unique mechanical process to manufacture this traditionally hand crafted cottage industry product. This has now helped to mass-produce products of high standards, that maintain all the above said features in addition to high quality, hygiene and superior finish.

As someone who has a sincere concern for the well being of this world and its future generations, the typical eco friendly range of products of EVERGREEN are here for you not only to stand out different, but also to set a fine example for others and to make your humble contribution towards a greener and cleaner earth..


Our Mission

Mission is to produce high quality, safe and environmentally friendly tableware & package.Disposable tableware enterprise, which specializes in compostable food containers production, biodegradable/compostable food containers and packaging and contribute to the environmental protection worldwide. would like to develop business cooperation relationships with client, which feature mutual benefit.

Evergreen Enterprises Misssion